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Europe scoffs at Brexit plan

Germany’s Die Welt newspaper has accused Theresa May of “leading Great Britain into isolation” with her plan for a hard Brexit, as newspapers across continental Europe reacted very differently to those in the UK. Splashing an image of Ms May across its front page with the headline “Little Britain”, Die Welt ran an article online […]


Saudis confident in face of fracking

Saudi Arabia’s oil sheikhs insisted defiantly in Davos that they have defeated the challenge of the American shale industry and restored the balance to the global oil markets after two years of trauma and glut, the UK’s Daily Telegraph reports. The country’s energy minister Khalid Al-Falih said US oil frackers had survived only by tapping […]


Italy’s problems spill over

As a member of the eurozone, Italy’s banking crisis is not just an Italian problem. Uncertainty in the Italian market could lead risk-averse investors to stay away from Italian assets and thus the euro, impacting its value, according to an analysis by Business Insider. Also, should MPS or other large Italian financial institutions fail, Italy […]


Trump’s Russian odyssey revealed

The New York Times has looked in great detail – and no-one can fault the Gray Lady for not running an analysis piece it takes a whole lunch hour to read – at Donald Trump’s business relationship with Russia: It was 2005, and Felix Sater, a Russian immigrant, was back in Moscow pursuing an ambitious […]


Globalisation at centre-stage

There is talk in Davos of the need to ensure that globalisation works for everyone, Larry Elliott writes in the UK’s Guardian. This is not new. Klaus Schwab, the man who founded the World Economic Forum in the early 1970s, warned as long ago as 1996 that globalisation had entered a critical phase. “A mounting […]


Ding wants bite of US infrastructure

China Investment Corporation (CIC), the country’s sovereign wealth fund, is looking to raise alternative investments in the United States due to low returns in public markets, its chairman said on Monday. CIC will boost its investments in private equity and hedge funds as well as making more direct investments in the world’s largest economy, Ding […]


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The Wealth Forums provides an interesting and thought provoking platform for learning and debate covering a much broader range of issues affecting wealth owners and creators than similar conferences. We are pleased to participate.
Mark Pihlens, Henley & Partners
We at Levera Beach Resort – Grenada have been very impressed with the Wealth Forums. The caliber of people which attend the events is incredible and this creates excellent networking opportunities. The information presented is not only of a high-level but very timely and relevant to anyone trying to navigate through today’s global economy. We highly recommend coming to see for yourself!
Randall Oveson, General Manager, Levera Beach Resort
I definitely recommend The Wealth Forums for those who are looking for a renewed approach to private wealth management and want to stay connected with the leaders in investment immigration. Networking opportunities are also beyond all praise! 
David Joseph, Real Estate Investment Consultant, Switzerland
The Wealth Forum is a great opportunity to meet banking, immigration, and asset protection professionals to exchange the experience of providing services to High Net Worth clientele in todays changing financial world.
Anna Guzman, Private Banker, Germany