‘Rootless’ rich consider Dubai, Monaco

‘Rootless’ rich consider Dubai, Monaco

Numerous international families living in Britain are beginning to re-examine their options. Within days of the Brexit vote, Britain’s rivals were rolling out the red carpet for any wealthy foreigner residents considering a move following planned changes to the taxation of “non-doms”, residents whose domicile or permanent home is abroad, the FT reports.

Theresa May’s broadside against the rootless elite has also nudged some to look around for more welcoming destinations. There is plenty of choice: many countries are keen to attract the global rich. But there are pitfalls and big variations in what they offer. In this review of some of the most popular destinations, we look at the lifestyles and tax inducements on offer — and where is hot right now to buy property.

The report starts with a look at Dubai, followed by Monaco.  PHOTO: Dubai skyline  READ MORE: https://www.ft.com/content/6bc32272-abdf-11e6-ba7d-76378e4fef24


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