Christopher Cruden at Monaco Forum

Christopher Cruden at Monaco Forum

Among an imposing range of specialist wealth sector professionals speaking at the Monaco Wealth Forum on March 15 is Christopher Cruden, the founder and sole shareholder of Insch Capital Management.

Mr. Cruden’s investment career began in 1979 as a gold analyst in South Africa. He subsequently worked for Dean Witter Reynolds in New York, AHL in London and Tamiso & Co LLC in New York. He established Insch in Lugano, Switzerland in 2004.

Since founding Insch he has built a dedicated team of researchers and analysts who have developed a number of highly successful, quantitative investment methodologies in FX and related markets.

Mr. Cruden is featured in the highly regarded books `Trend Following`, Covel, 2004 and `Investing with Hedge Fund Giants`, Chandler, 1998 and a number of other publications. In all, Mr. Cruden has been actively and continually involved in the Alternative Investment Industry for over thirty five years. For more information about this exciting event, please visit:


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