Top security speaker for Monaco Forum

Top security speaker for Monaco Forum

Taking part in the Monaco Wealth Forum on March 15 as a main speaker will be a security specialist with a wealth of experience, Alistair Galloway, owner of Frontier Horizons & Endeavour Maritime.

Alistair’s two private risk management security companies work across Europe, Middle East, Africa, former Soviet Union and Asia, providing due diligence, political risk analysis, physical security, cyber security and maritime security solutions for private clients and companies. Alistair previously worked in financial services in the City of London, and prior to this he served in the Household Cavalry, Life Guards, commissioning from the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst.

Frontier Horizons is a global risk management and specialist security consultancy, providing Global Intelligence, Live Tracking, and Physical Security through a Global Operating Platform to meet individual needs. Its team of political risk analysts produces daily, weekly, and monthly reports for over 50 countries, including market-entry PESTLE reports. Frontier Horizons is also pleased to offer tracking services to monitor people, assets, and facilities remotely, in order to facilitate effective emergency response.

The company is also able to offer due diligence reporting and corporate investigations to facilitate market entry projects, and to ensure the efficiency and security of projects in high-risk zones. Its main areas of coverage include the Middle East, Africa, Russia, and the Former Soviet States. A presence is particularly notable in Yemen, Kurdistan, Nigeria, Morocco, Algeria, and Somalia.

Endeavour Maritime is a UK maritime security company, which provides global security services to the shipping industry, and specialist training for overseas governments. Its services mitigate the risk of terrorism and piracy in high risk areas such as the Indian Ocean, Gulf of Aden, along the East African coastline, and West African coastline in the Gulf of Guinea.

The company delivers high-quality support, assistance, and guidance to its shipping and superyacht clients through the experience, maturity, integrity, and selection of its skilled team. Key services include: Armed security teams, Unarmed security, Offshore platform security, Anti-piracy training, Coastguard training, Risk assessment, intelligence updates, Advisory services. Superyacht crew management teams may also be interested in Endeavour Maritime’s due-diligence capabilities on key hires and crew members.

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