‘Avoid UK investments’ – top consultancy

‘Avoid UK investments’ – top consultancy

Europe’s largest management consultancy has warned against investing in Britain.

In an interview with The Times, Charles-Edouard Bouée, the chief executive of Roland Berger, which is Europe’s largest management consultancy and competes with the likes of McKinsey and Bain & Co, said that businesses are still underestimating the complexity of Brexit negotiations.

“We’re advising our clients to try to adjust and to be flexible. Uncertain and complex as it is, the best thing is to be agile,” he told the paper.

“We’re seeing a lot of uncertainty ahead of us and asking clients to be looking at their business model for opportunities to be flexible, which by the way is a global trend, not only for Brexit.”  PHOTO: London at Sunset  READ MORE: http://www.independent.co.uk/news/business/news/roland-berger-post-brexit-britain-do-not-invest-uk-eu-leave-management-consultancy-charles-edouard-a7576931.html


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