In-flight Internet comes closer

In-flight Internet comes closer

Inmarsat last week completed testing the satellite section of the European Aviation Network, its venture with Deutsche Telekom to bring faster in-flight internet connectivity to the masses.

Sometime in the middle of this year a satellite will be launched from French Guiana to hook up passengers flying through Europe to cabin Wi-Fi that promises a vast improvement on the service airlines including Qantas and Virgin Atlantic already provide. Lufthansa, Air New Zealand and British Airways owner IAG are among customers who are on board and awaiting installation.

Inmarsat and partners will have to contend with a number of competitors, but there should be room for all. Analysts at Euroconsult expect the market for “passenger connectivity services” to grow from $700m in 2015 to nearly $5.4bn by 2025 as seatback entertainment begins to pall.  READ MORE:


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