More Irish billionaires than ever

More Irish billionaires than ever

The combined wealth of Ireland’s richest 300 individuals and families reached €77 billion last year. The total riches of the top 250 are now greater than at any time in history, beating the previous year, which exceeded the peak of the Celtic tiger era.

The Sunday Times Rich List, which has measured Irish wealth annually for 21 years, also boasts a record number of billionaires, with Ryanair boss Michael O’Leary joining the ranks for the first time.

The value of the Rich List has been boosted by huge gains on stock markets, the revival of construction, growth in technology, entertainment and the globalisation of sport. The cut-off point for entry into this year’s expanded list is €40 million.

The Rich List illustrates the scale of the recovery in personal fortunes since the economic crash. In 2010 the combined wealth of the top 250 collapsed to just over €39 billion from €67 billion in 2007. In today’s list that figure has grown to €74.2 billion, a jump of 2.27% from the previous year.  READ MORE:


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