Extraordinary fraud of ‘frak expert’

Extraordinary fraud of ‘frak expert’

frackingA supposed shale gas expert who toured the world’s media and even gave evidence to MPs calling himself the ‘Frack Master’ was actually a massive fraudster who duped investors out of millions of pounds to fund a debauched lifestyle, US investigators have alleged.

Chris Faulkner, chief executive of Breitling Energy Corporation, “orchestrated a massive, multi-pronged, and fraudulent scheme” that has defrauded investors of $80m since 2011, the Securities and Exchange Commission alleged.

Faulkner “brazenly misappropriated at least $30m of investors’ funds for extravagant personal expenses, including lavish meals and entertainment, international travel, cars, jewelry, gentlemen’s clubs, and personal escorts”, it claimed.

Faulkner was touted as an expert pundit to the UK media between at least 2012 and 2015, with press releases referring to him as “the US’s acknowledged expert” and calling Breitling “a leading US oil and gas business”.

READ MORE: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/business/2016/06/27/us-frack-master-accused-of-80m-fraud-to-fund-debauchery/


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