Brexit is the hot topic

Brexit is the hot topic

A packed agenda for the London Wealth Forum and Safe Havens Conference on October 4 will focus on the challenges and opportunities following the Brexit vote.

Following the opening speaker, Andrew Hawkins of ComRes, who will address the topic How did it happen and what happens next, Professor Michael Mainelli, co-founder of ZYen, will focus on the hot topic London as a Brexit Finance Centre.

In a passing reference to Donald Trump’s favourite slogan, Caroline Garnham will take a look at Make Britain Great post-Brexit, while David D’Alton, co-founder and director of the British Irish Chamber of Commerce will get straight to the point with How to by-pass Brexit.

With a total of 20 top speakers throughout the day, attendees will be be able to pop in and out of the conference for drinks and refreshments. The buffet lunch and evening post-conference drinks reception will provide excellent opportunities for mixing with the speakers and making new contacts. Venue: Caledonian Club at 9 Halkin Street, in the heart of London, the world’s leading financial centre.
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