Security remains paramount

Security remains paramount

Press reports this week suggest that hundreds of ships are switching off their electronic tracking devices in order to escape detection in European waters. The UK’s Times reports that in January and February 40 ships entered European waters after leaving Libya’s coast, raising fears that illegal migrants and weapons are being smuggled into Europe.

The importance of effective maritime security measures, whether it’s in fending off pirate attacks on the coast of Africa or countering other illegal activities, is undeniable.

Addressing these concerns and looking at recent developments, Alistair Galloway, Frontier Horizons & Endeavour Maritime, will address the burning topic of Security and the Need for Extreme Vigilance at the Monaco Wealth Forum on March 15.

Alistair is an entrepreneur and owner of two private risk management security companies, Frontier Horizons and Endeavour Maritime, which work across Europe, Middle East, Africa, former Soviet Union and Asia, providing due diligence, political risk analysis, physical security, cyber security and maritime security solutions for private clients and companies. Alistair previously worked in financial services in the City of London, and prior to this he served in the Household Cavalry, Life Guards, commissioning from the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst.


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